Icebreaker – (Keys)

This post serves mainly as an introduction for a class I am enrolled in at SUNY Cortland called New Media Literacy and English language arts. The technology setup for this class has been tedious, if nothing else. We were asked to sign up for a plethora of social media websites and other useful resources. We have been provided with in-depth and altogether very thorough walkthroughs for each of these new media, therefore it is has not been a difficult process. I can see where one might find difficulty in this process, but I would suggest just sticking to the books and the walkthroughs which are provided for our convenience.


3 thoughts on “Icebreaker – (Keys)

  1. I love that you’re in Cory’s room doing this. You a pair of amusing gentlemen. I especially laughed out loud when Cory awkwardly and creepily emerged from behind you, only to descend behind you shortly after. I also have to say that your shirt is very colorful and I am jealous of it. Your array of keys were also interesting. See you in class! Keep it “techy.”

  2. Aaron! I liked your special guest appearance during the video. I lived in Casey last semester too! I was up on the 9th floor. I would force myself to walk up the steps as exercise. Sweet and simple keys video; nice.

  3. Nice room…CORY! Hi Aaron, I enjoyed your specifics when describing your keys. Not many people have one key that opens two doors, so that is pretty awesome. I hope your parents didn’t charge you too much for the car šŸ™‚

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