Cortland Media Madness

WCMM Radio

Recently, I had the chance to work with two of my colleagues on a radio show. The exact criteria of the project were kept deliberately vague to stimulate creativity. Simply put, we were told, “make a radio show.” Okay. Where do we start? Looking at a blank slate, we found ourselves at an unusual place. As college students, it is not often we have legitimate creative license where our task at hand is not completely prescribed. We gravitated toward a conversational show, something that didn’t feel like an assignment. After one of our brainstorming sessions broke down into conversation about pop culture, we knew we had found our radio show. Cortland Media Madness had been born.

radio mic

The Arduous Path to Broadcast

Once we had our topic, there was the matter of dividing up work. Who would do what? My colleagues and I, being of the agreeable sort of people, did not have a particularly difficult time with this process. We were required to have a few “commercials,” so we each claimed one. My colleagues chose to focus on reality television, while my commercial reflected a cinematic experience. Naturally, these commercials served to focus the conversations of the radio show itself. When it came time to record, the most difficult part was simply deciding who should speak. We all knew what needed to be done. Eventually, someone spoke up, and we recorded.


Summer Blockbuster 

As I mentioned, I had some work to do on my own. I was to create a commercial  for an epic upcoming movie. However, I also wanted to have some fun with this assignment. So, rather than come up with a plot for a whole new movie, I decided to poke a little fun at the way that movie commercials try to reach their audiences. I aimed to include as many of the cliched conventions of the genre as I could; explosions, dramatic narration, “Duel of the Fates,” you name it. There is also the matter of audio trailers not being particularly effective. To cover this, most of the “content” of this commercial involved non-sequiturs or cheesy fictional movie lines.  I threw it all together using the GarageBand app on a Mac in the college library. I’d used editing software before, so this task was none too difficult.

Garage Band

On the Air

Without further ado, the link to the highly anticipated podcast: WCMM Radio!


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